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Dr. Frank J. Calvo

You’ve probably seen Dr. Calvo out and about in the Queen Anne area.  Whether you saw him finishing his latest century (100 mile) bike ride, coaching his son’s baseball team, or shredding some fresh powder at the ski hill, there’s one thing we’re sure you noticed:  His passion for life.

Dr. Calvo carries this passion to his career.  He believes that the dental profession centers around trust and relationships.  That’s why we are not going to bore you to death going item by item through his awardsl.  Dr. Calvo doesn’t find his success in his awards; he finds it in his patients’ care.

Dr. Calvo loves his job because of the unique opportunity he has to put people’s fears to rest through the strength of relationship and trust he has with his patients.  Dr. Calvo spends time with his patients, building their confidence and talking them through each part of the treatment before he begins.  He never leaves a patient alone, worrying about their procedure or dreading the “shot.”  He wants to know that he has provided high quality dentistry in a way that also satisfies the individual needs and comfort level of each individual patient.

He also loves the artistic side of the job.  Each patient requires an individual approach with tailored results.   Dr. Calvo finds joy in providing the highest quality implants and restorations available.  He is one of the few dentists in the area who still offers cast gold restorations.   This craft is extremely rare today because of its complexity and difficulty, but it remains one of the longest-lasting and most aesthetically pleasing of restorations available.

Part of the quality of care that Dr. Calvo provides to each of his patients comes from the unique network of specialists that he has built over the years.  He only refers patients to specialists that he has met personally and communicates with regularly.  And if a patient needs a same-day appointment with a specialist, then Dr. Calvo will make that happen.

When he’s not working, Dr. Calvo spends as much time as he can with his wife, Jenny, and his son, Blake.  They love boating, skiing, and everything in between.  Dr. Calvo loves being part of his community and enjoys the people he’s around.  So next time you’re out and see him, make sure you say hi.  And if you’re lucky, you might wander into one of their famous crab feed beach parties.  Just don’t forget a bib.